Captain & Crew

The trust on your Captain’s sailing abilities and knowledge at sea is of an extreme matter because there is only one captain on board and the crew needs to respect his/her choices.
Your skipper must be highly experienced with an international license. He will need a co-skipper with an experience declaration and trusting crew members to assist him during anchoring, mooring and sailing techniques.
Greece counts thousands of islands with secret and hidden, unbelievable beauty places and sometimes due to the weather conditions our seas require special maneuvers and paths to travel. So, if the Captain is not already familiar with the area you have chosen to sail, we highly recommend you to ask us for a local Skipper or a sailor who can guide you.
A yacht’s limited space can sometimes be a challenging aspect if you don’t know very well the people of your group, the habits and the life style. Therefor we propose to you to invite and compose your Crew with your best friends or closest relatives.
This is the first and most essential step in designing truly successful sailing holidays.