Dodecanese Islands


Dodecanese is an island complex off the coast of Turkey consisting of twelve larger islands and numerous smaller ones.

Agathonissi is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese and one of the smallest Greek islands. You will be amazed by its virgin natural beauty, sheltered bays and small rocky islets.

Arkoi is a well-kept secret waiting to be discovered. A complex of islands with bushy vegetation, pristine beaches and emerald waters.

Astypalaia is small, butterfly-like shaped island. Although it belongs to the Dodecanese, it has a Cycladic architecture. Traditional windmills, whitewashed houses and pristine, secluded beaches form the perfect scenery for laid-back vacation.

Chalki is a small island very close to Rhodes, still untouched by mass tourism. Italianate mansions, pristine beaches lapped by aquamarine waters and whitewashed chapels make Chalki a unique holiday destination.

Kalymnos was once the home of the famous sponge divers. Nowadays, due to its amazing rocking landscape Kalymnos is a top climbing destination! Enchanting caves, wonderful beaches and picturesque island settlements form a unique holiday destination.

Karpathos is an island with high mountains, pristine scenery, picturesque villages, turquoise waters and rich history. Thanks to its unique geology, Karpathos is also one of the best destinations for trekking.

Kos has with sandy beaches, turquoise waters, springs, ancient and medieval monuments, as well as impressive Italian buildings. It is an island of endless treasures.

Leros is an island with picturesque villages, magnificent beaches, crystal-clear beaches and fascinating seabed.

Leipsoi is a tiny island with unspoiled natural landscape, crystal clear waters, unique secluded beaches and laid-back atmosphere. An ideal destination for peaceful vacations.

Nisyros is mostly popular for its volcano, which is still active. It also has small, picturesque villages, secluded beaches and crystal-clear blue waters.

Patmos is also known as the “Island of the Apocalypse”, since according to tradition Saint John wrote the Book of the Revelation here. Thanks to its lace-like coastline and sheer cliffs, Patmos is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Rhodes is also known as “the island of the knights”. An island where the past meets the present in the most elegant manner. Stroll around the alleys of the medieval town, dive into its emerald waters and let Rhodes carry you away.

Symi is undoubtedly one of the gems of the Dodecanese! Colorful houses taken straight from the pages of a fairy tale, mesmerizing crystal-clear waters and secluded beaches await to welcome you in one of the most picturesque sites in Greece.

Tilos is a tiny island still untouched by mass tourism, thus keeping it unspoiled charm. Its mountainous and rocky landscapes, whitewashed houses, cobblestone alleys and secluded beaches have made Tilos an alternative holiday destination.