Dodecanese Islands

Kos Route

Dodecanese is an island complex scrolling parallel opposite the sometimes visible coastline of Turkey which consists of fifteen large islands and numerous smaller ones. The beauty of the environment, important monuments of the ancient times through to Byzantine, castles, temples, churches and monasteries create an incomparable atmosphere, very different from the other Greek islands. Perfect Yachts Base in Lavrio is in a significant distance from the complex and therefore we recommend them only to very experienced sailors or crewed yacht charters with our luxury boats on a sailing plan of 21 days. We also advise you to consider a one way sailing trip and departure from your preferred airport in the area to Athens International Airport. Please contact us and we can assist you to visit this unique area of Greece.

 Departing and heading south of the Poseidon Temple in Sounio one literary needs to cross the whole Cyclades district to approach the closest islands of Patmos. island of Kea, with its one-of-a-kind natural harbor Korissia. Although mooring at Vourkari can be a bit challenging during the high summer season, is worth trying. You can have a nice walk for dinner at Aristo’s Tavern or Ennea Kores and with a local taxi you can visit the capital of Kea – Ioulida – amphitheatrical structured at the slope of two hills. Don’t miss a stop at Gyaliskari Bay for a nice swim or even a tasteful lunch at Eora Seaside Escape and restaurant. Sailing further east you will encounter a former prison island, Gyaros. The history of this island is much contradictory to the beauty of the sea that surrounds it. Take a swim before you depart to Mykonos: The island that combines everything! More than thirty golden sandy beaches. The main port is Tourlos, but is always too crowded. Prefer to anchor at Ornos bay or Platis Gialos beach with numerous taverns and bars. Don’t miss a visit to Psarou Beach, Nammos resort and Scorpios. As you are about to approach a very popular summer destination be prepared to face some overcrowded mooring spots.

Sailing off don’t miss a visit to Delos and Rineia before you cross the famous Ikarian Sea to approach the island of Ikaria after aprx. 47 nautical miles. We strongly advise you to study the weather and wind conditions to sail safely to this part of the Aegean Sea. In Ikaria, the best spot to moor is Manganitis port so your yacht is sheltered of the north wind. Generally, in this area of Greece, choose south oriented mooring and anchoring spots.

Next stop to the south/east is Fournoi, a peaceful set of islands with crystal clear water, fresh fish and friendly people. Sailing further to the South lies the holy island of Patmos, famous for Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and sheltered port of Skala. Sailing further south/east lies Lipsi island, a beautiful, tiny but very hospitable piece of land. After a short sailing distance of aprx. 14 nautical miles you encounter Leros, a historical and beautiful island, with amazing nature and lovely walks. Your next destination will be Kalymnos, the best place in the whole world for rock climbing. Right next to the east little sea gem Pserimos will surprize you with its unique beauty. Last island of this route is Kos with a very nice, amphitheatrical port inside a bay, a seaside fortress Neratzia Castle and a vivid life. Kos is a big island with many sightseeing options and an airport with international flights.