Yacht Type

What to choose a Monohull or a Catamaran?
Monohull : you are looking for the real sailing feeling and sensation, you are an adventure seeker, hard core and tradition-oriented sailor, like hanging on the side, then this is your kind of boat!
Monohulls have one hull fitted with a fixed keel below the waterline to counterbalance the overturning force of the wind on the yacht’s sails and mast. They can travel using sails or the engine or both. They can sail windward faster, and they are less fuel cost.
Catamaran: The meaning of relaxing, luxury and comfort vacations!  It has two hulls making up the body of the ship, creating plenty of living and storage space. Cabins, kitchen, saloon are very spacious.
Great maneuverability and stability, sailing downwind faster.
These are the basic differences of these two types of boats, but of course it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a very fast, sailing performance catamaran. (as it is our Fountain Pajot Saona 47 “Aqua”)
Or a very fast, luxury and spacious monohull (as it is our brand-new HANSE 588 “Princess Melody”)
If you still can’t decide just to press the Request Offer button and we will find the most suitable one, for you and your company.