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Bareboat Charters
According to our booking terms the Yacht should return to our Base in Lavrio, the previous day of final disembarkation at 17h00 the latest, to spend the last night of the charter in Lavrio (unless there is a previous agreement of an one way charter where the place and the time of disembarkation are specially agreed)
You can contact the base while reaching the port so our team will be available to assist the captain during mooring procedure.
Your base coordinator will welcome you back and help you with the check-out procedure.
At this moment we need a first, quick assessment of the condition of the vessel.
Also, a diver will check the vessel under water.
All tanks get refilled and there is a final payment for petrol expenses.
The last evening in Lavrio, you have the opportunity to visit the shops which are open until 21h00 and sometimes even later so you can purchase nice souvenirs, to visit the ancient Poseidon Temple in Sounio, have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants of beautiful Lavrio, or party at the local clubs.
Skippered and Crewed charters
The vessels have the possibility to be back to base the day of check-out and disembarkation takes place the latest 9h00 in the morning.
Your Skipper and crew will arrange everything for your check out and transfers that you maybe need.