Saronic Islands

Temple of Poseidon lying at Cape Sounio. Don’t miss the opportunity to anchor here and spend the night onboard, admiring the remarkable view of the Temple or taste fresh seafood in one of the local taverns.
Aegina .You can moor either to the small, picturesque port of Perdika or sail further towards the west coast to Aegina’s main port. Don’t miss a visit to the local fish market, where you can taste Greek delicacies and the worldwide famous Aegina pistachio.
Agistri ,is the smallest island of the Saronic Gulf. With its extraordinary natural setting and mesmerizing beaches, Agistri will win you over.
Poros. Divided from the mainland by a very narrow crossing, Poros resembles a puzzle piece gone missing from the Peloponnese opposite. Pine forests reaching the sea, neoclassical buildings, quaint shops and taverns, whitewashed houses wrapped in bougainvilleas create the perfect holiday scenery.
Ermioni, a small seaside town. Built on a cape and surrounded by pine trees, it strongly resembles an island.
Porto Heli. Built around a beautiful, natural harbor blessed with its numerous sheltered coves, Porto Heli looks like an island.
Spetses, an island boasting a long naval tradition. Whitewashed, neoclassical buildings, secluded beaches, crystal clear waters and pine-clad hills form a scenery that seems to come directly from an old tale
Hydra, “the queen of the Saronic Gulf”, is built amphitheatrically around the port, combining nature and architecture. Stroll through the town’s picturesque cobble stone streets and imposing houses and let “the queen” captivate you.