Paros RouteParos Route

Kythnos is the proof that beauty is often found in simplicity. Picturesque villages, narrow cobbled stone streets, impressive beaches and hospitable people form the islands perfect scene.
Serifos, with its beautiful capital city built on a high hill overlooking the island. It is famous for its beaches and crystal-clear waters. Serifos is the perfect place for relaxing holidays.
Paros and Antiparos, two islands very close to each other, divided by a narrow crossing. Here you can enjoy vivid nightlife and visit archaeological sites.
Syros, the capital of the Cyclades. Venetian mansions, spectacular sunset views, narrow alleys, neoclassical buildings and impressive catholic and orthodox churches; Syros will impress you with its picturesque scenery.
Kea (also known as Tzia), a Cycladic island with a different landscape and architecture than the rest. You will not see little whitewashed houses and blue domed churches here. Kea is characterized by earthy tones and elegant architecture.