Perfect Yachts Base is located at the main marina of the historical town of Lavrion. With its rich history, Lavrion offers a number of ancient and modern sights worth seeing.
The Archaeological Museum houses the sculptures from the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion and exhibits connected with mining and metallurgy in the broader area of Lavrion.
The collection of the Mineralogical Museum comprises more than 600 samples of minerals from the Lavreotic region, as well as ancient and modern miners’ tools.
“Chaos”, a rare natural monument within the National Park of Sounion, revealed when a cave roof collapsed creating an impressive sinkhole awaits for you to visit it.
A basin-shaped karstic depression (55m. deep and 120m. in diameter), with minerals and remains of the ancient mine shafts and ore washeries scattered around it, Chaos is like an open-air museum.
Do not miss the opportunity to walk around it, see the remains of the ancient mines or even have a picnic before heading back to the Perfect Yachts Base!
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