Weekly Charters

We strongly believe in Perfect Yachts that successful sailing holidays require much more than the existence of a Perfect Fleet of sailing Yachts!

We have the newest, most luxury and fully equipped fleet of privately owned monohulls and catamarans.

But this is not the basic requirement to ensure the unique vacation experience you deserve.

In Perfect Yachts Team everybody is passioned with our aim, to offer the Perfect vacation experience!

The communication from the first call or email.

The comprehensive and guaranteed information of our services.

The guiding step by step throughout the whole process.

The deep marine knowledge and long-standing experience of Greek seas that allow us to schedule, propose but at the same time to protect you with itineraries custom made according to your profile.

The warm welcome to our base as the well-known Greek hospitality imposes.

The professional, organized and fast check in check out procedure in a luxury and friendly environment.

The specialized support 24/7 throughout your holiday.

These are only a few factors that we consider to be essential elements of Perfect holidays organization.

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