Full Day - Catamaran - Aegina - Agkistri

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Full Day- Catamaran

Aegina – Agkistri
10:00 – 20:00

Experience a full day of luxury cruising on a high-speed rib boat departing from Agios Kosmas, to explore the stunning Greek islands of Aegina, Poros, and Agkistri. Enjoy the picturesque views of the Saronic Gulf as you embark on a thrilling adventure, cruising through crystal-clear waters on your own private vessel.
Take in the scenic beauty of Aegina, the island of pistachios, with its picturesque harbor and ancient temple of Aphaia. Explore Poros, known for its neoclassical architecture and narrow cobblestone streets, and bask in the laid-back atmosphere of Agkistri, with its secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters.
Our experienced and knowledgeable crew will ensure that you have a memorable day, providing you with insider knowledge about each island, as well as snorkelling gear to explore the underwater world.
This is a day you won’t forget – experience the beauty of Greece in style with our luxury rib boat cruise.


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Itinerary route

Agios Kosmas
Aigina (Klima)
Agkistri (Aponissos)
Aigina (Moni)
Agios Kosmas
Round trip Transfers included
Seafood Signature Dishes,
Steak & Chicken  with appetizers
Beer, Wine 
Soft-drinks and Water are provided complimentary for the duration of the tour
Snorkelling Equipment & Towel Service included
Vessel : Pearly Gates
Price : 4200 € / Vat : 24%
Crew : 3  / Max Guests : 20
Notes : price for 8 guests